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    Inbound Process

    Inbound Process

    Our dedicated workers are well-qualified enough to bring a change in any kind of organization. Our professionals consider our client's queries and issues very seriously and are committed to solve those within  no time. Our easy methodology of explanations will make your customers happy and satisfied. Our software support team expertise in building presentations and analizing the software issues.

    With the following software support you can enjoy the benefits of our services:

    » Software Support Services are 100% web based.
    » Software Support can be accessed from web browsers to submit a new complains, questions, answers etc. You can also gather the information on general issues with the status of your submitted query.
    » Software Support will assign a new request automatically based on the customer's options.

    The software support services are monitored by our quality experts on regular basis in order to maintain “Quality”, keeping in mind our motive of 'Customer Satisfaction'.

    We select,train and monitor best representatives/agents specialized in different market segments for the sales acquisition. Our SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT(SLA) is very high. With our sales acquisition facilities, you can enjoy the following benefits:

    » Increased customer satisfaction rate with increase in sales and sales conversion rate.
    » Improved sales performances.
    » Reduced field service operations cost.

    Our customer care representatives continuously provides innovative solutions which leads to satisfaction among customers. Through these services, customers will be more convinced and more personalized. The interactive communication will make them feel responsible about their queries and feedback. This will increase loyalty and preference towards the brands.

    Contact Bridge ITES Pvt. Ltd. provides a variety of services to their customers:

    » Quotation Validation if applicable.
    » 24*7 customer verification.
    » Check for controls and denied status.
    » Validate orders.
    » Pricing.
    » Payments - Check/Cash/Credit.
    » Completion of Lead Time.
    » Terms and conditions.
    » Approvals.
    » Currency.
    » Feedback.
    » Tracking Record.
    » Process Verification.

    Our aim includes increased productivity and efficiency for our clients. We provide top quality services to customers to enhance profits.

    Contact Bridge ITES Pvt. Ltd. provides this special service to it's customers' to enquire about the products. This division offers  services about the products delivered by Contact Bridge ITES Pvt. Ltd. at your doorstep. It is an integral service provided by Contact Bridge ITES Pvt. Ltd. in which you can ask about the delivery and status of your product from our representatives.

    Our product enquiry services are available 24*7 including non-working day supported by our organization's WORK FORCE MANAGEMENT(WFM).

    Third Party Verification companies offer a standard third party verification services which is required by organizations dealing in E-Payments of any kind.

    Contact Bridge ITES Pvt. Ltd. provides you solutions with the most cost effective and customer friendly third party verification services.

    Third Party Verification is easy because it:
    » Saves time and effort on every third party verification process.
    » Saves the tedious system of IVR which will confirm about your purchasing from us.
    » Avoids customer complaints because of its ability to solve problems quickly.
    » Offers easy solutions to your customers without engaging them into the lengthy process of their purchasing from us.

    IVR (Interactive Voice Response):
    Our well equipped applications will provide better services to your customers/callers. We have designed special process in the alert form for the customers such as new offers,service changes etc for making customers interaction easy and without any delay. This will also decrease your Resolution Rate with high First Call Resolutions. Also the quality standards will be maintained by practicing Compliance which will avoid the process of Zero Tolerance Policy(ZTP).

    IVR could be used for both inbound as well as outbound telemarketing. Consult with us to devise caller-friendly scripts to your individualized needs and minimize live agent involvement.

    MARKET RESEARCH SURVEYS: Contact Bridge ITES Pvt. Ltd. endlessly puts an effort for gathering important and useful information from the various sources. We are dealing with variety of clients. Our online survey facilities embedded with latest technologies are used to gather information and feedback through Internet. We offer wide applications on Internet to serve you better. Some of the softwares used for these purposes are Online Survey Software,Survey Software Tools,Poll Survey Software,Questionnaire Software,Internet Survey Software and the latest survey tools which include 360 Survey methodology,Workplace Survey methodology etc.

    Contact Bridge ITES Pvt. Ltd. puts endless effort for gathering important and useful information from various sources (like Real Estate, Stock Exchange & Vehicle Survey etc) for serving our customers in their business surveys.

    We provide our Market Research Surveys in various sectors which includes:

    » Business to Business market research
    » Consumer market research
    » Real estate market research
    » Market research studies & services
    » Pharmaceutical market research
    » Qualitative market research
    » International marketing research
    » Capital market research
    » Technology market research
    » Online & offline market research
    » Fast food market Survey
    » Beverage survey
    » Automotive survey

    We provide the best possible analysed solutions to our clients based on the results of surveys thus assuring your success and development. Our specialized research will guide your organization in making profit-oriented decisions with multi-functional analysis about the latest competition. Our extensive and in-depth information in Trends, Segmentation and Competitors Strategies will help you compose relevant and strong conclusions.

    Alternatively, you may simply contact at the following numbers:
    Tel:  604-537-9599 
    Toll:  1-888-537-8685 

    or mail us at:

    E-mail: enquiry@contactbridge.com

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